Deciding the Strictness of College Homework

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Homework is a part and parcel of the lives of all the students. Whether you are in first grade of your junior school or doing a post-graduation course in some best university of the world, homework will always be there with you. It is given not to take up your time or make you study more unnecessarily; in fact homework is given so that you get to learn things better. When you are taught things in classroom, it is obvious for you to forget some of them and you tend to refer to them only when required in the future. But homework makes you revise everything so that you learn immediately and faster. Even in college, you get homework for your better learning and understanding. But one major debate that surrounds the entire concept of college homework is the strictness of the same.

There are some people who think that college homework is as important as any other thing in college because it aids students in learning. And hence the severity and strictness of it should always be on the higher side. They believe that when students are given things and tasks that are much more challenging and difficult, they learn more because they learn more in the process of finding the solution to the problem. Also, it is believed that by the time students enter into college, they are much more prepared and matured for the hardships of life and thus can perform better and can endure all the hard work. Most of the times, even the college courses require and demand for higher strictness because when entering into college, the specialization becomes precise and you are expected to go into detail of a topic and thus the courses would definitely require stricter homework.

But at the same time, there are others who feel that college homework should not be very tough on students. They feel that students are quite matured and sensible by the time they reach college and hence don’t really need homework. They think that the students would anyways do everything they can for understanding each and every concept and thus do not need homework. These people are also under the impression that the students need to do several other things for their future when they are in college. It is their last few years to do whatever other activities and things they want and thus they shouldn’t be tied down with the burden of homework. Now, how sever the college homework should be has become a matter of concern and doubt but nobody has the correct solution for it. So, I think it’s best if the colleges take it up with their students to decide on what is best for them and for their future.

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Deciding the Strictness of College Homework

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Deciding the Strictness of College Homework

This article was published on 2012/08/13